Virtual Racing Product

for Online & Simulcast Wagering Venues


The Virtual Racing Product offers a seamless integration of content into the wagering menus of Licensed ADW’s or Brick and Mortar locations.

The components of the Virtual Racing Product are identical to that of Live Race Performances. Easy-to-understand Handicapping Tools are available. All wagers are commingled. Take-out, purses and taxes are handled in the same manner as the Live Racing Product.

We foresee a multitude of tracks being Virtualized and being offered alongside Live Content as well as being used during content-lean times.

Virtual Racing Product

Information and Details

The Virtual Runners past performances are summarized, taking up to (6) prior races into account. A visual representation of this performance summary is displayed prior to the race running.

The display is three lines of stars describing the data
  • The First line indicates the proportion of 1st and 2nd places.
  • The Second line indicates the proportion of 2nd and 3rd places.
  • The Third and final row indicates the proportion of 3rd or lower finishes.

With the help of the handicapping information, the player makes his/her selections. The wagers are then placed through the online platform or with a teller at a simulcast venue. Once the race results are official, the winnings are credited to the customer’s ADW account or the winning ticket is cashed at the window.


With new advancements in technology, we are now able to produce the Virtual Racing Product by utilizing factual past race data and replicating the actual race events run at the licensed racetracks.

It all starts with a database of 100,000 live races run per licensed track. This data is then “virtualized” while “fuzzing” or stripping/replacing identifying information (i.e. runner names, jockey’s etc.). The outcome of the virtualized race is identical to that of the live race. The Virtual Racing Product offers new and additional racing content to licensed advance deposit wagering companies and bricks and mortar tracks or off-track betting venues.